Subliminal Messages For Positive Thinking

Positive thinking quote by Bob Marley

People always ask me how I’m always able to see the silver lining in seemingly negative situations or think more positively despite what’s going on around me.

Believe me, it’s taken a great deal of work and practice to get to a point where I can step back from chaos and find something positive to look at, no matter how small it is.

I’ve developed a habit of meditating and watching inspiring videos on Youtube first thing in the morning when I wake up. For many years now I've been using subliminal videos for positive thinking and creating an abundant mindset. As I’ve talked about before, subliminal messages have helped me get rid of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

5 Things About Manifesting Abundance I Was Reminded Of During a Blackout

Magazine article and my tablet
The power went out unexpectedly in my neighborhood last week, which was annoying because I was on a roll with my writing that day. I was working on a new Chromebook that connects to the home wifi network, so I didn't have access to an offline word processing tool because the battery in my other laptop was not charged . (FYI: That's one of the cons of owning a Chromebook.)

Synchronicity was at work because I had just read an article in Website Magazine titled "Contagiously Optimistic", which offered a reminder to keep on smiling, to change how I look at situations, and to remain in a state of good vibes.

It's interesting how much quieter the world seems when the power goes out. It was pretty peaceful, actually. During this quiet time I was also reminded about a few things about manifesting abundance.

Have Fun to Attract Money: An Update on the 30 Day Challenge to Reconnect With the Energy of Money

When I started the 30 Day Challenge to reconnect with the energy of money, I looked at it as a fun challenge. I actually haven't done the meditation in over a week, but I have been doing other guided meditations for attracting money about every other day.

After I won the $50 on the lotto scratch off ticket, I started buying more tickets on a regular basis. Interestingly enough, for every five tickets I've bought, I've won at least three times out of the five. I'll win $3 here and there, $5, $10, or a free ticket. I think I've won more in the past couple weeks than I have in the past 20 years of buying scratch of tickets.
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