Feeling Like A New Woman - Kindof

Last night my mind raced with thoughts of the past, the upcoming new year, and ideas/projects that I want to do. Why couldn't I think of these things during the day? After only two hours of sleep I wake up at 5:15 a.m. and head to the weight room. I know I was going to need energy for the day.

I started my new job at 7 a.m. The time went by fast- it was just me and children's shoes. This time without the customers. As I grow older, my patience with traditional retail customers has worn thin. I'm happy with my new stock job. It doesn't waste brain cells which I need when I go home to answer the million emails that I get during the day. I also have energy to paint! Y

I pray for those who lost their lives in Southeast Asia. Thank God it didn't hit the Philippines. I do wonder why God does these things... I can't even complain about the rainstorm we're having right now when I know that people have it far worse than I do.

I'll sign off on that note...

I updated one of my websites with relocation info: http://www.homesolutionssandiego.com/relocation Know anybody moving to San Diego? Please refer them to this page! Thanks...

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