A Millionaire in the Making...

I am still far from being what I want to be, but with God's help I shall succeed.::: Vincent van Gogh :::

I'm revving up for the New Year. Pretty excited because I have many projects planned. I know I said that I wouldn't play the lottery anymore, but some numbers came to me the other night as I tried to sleep. If I win, it'll definitely be a SUPER New Year.

As I washed the dishes today I was already spending my millions in my head...a mansion in Rancho Santa Fe...house in Amsterdam (yes, Amsterday :)...$500,000 to the relief effort in Asia...I'd probably go back to school and become a holistic practitioner. Ahhh...so nice to dream!

Tonight as many others will be partying I will be writing down my goals for the next year. Not so sure I want to reflect on the past year...just want to put it behind me. This next year will be different. I will savor each moment and try not to rush through the day.

As I sit here with the hubby playing Playstation next to me I know that I am truly content with my life. Hubby and I are growing closer by the day.

If I don't win the lotto this year, I'll make my own million...God willing.

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