If I Ever Become Famous...

I wouldn't want cameras following me around everywhere. I would end up with a bunch of lawsuits because of my attacks on the paparazzi. Why are we so obsessed with celebrities lives? I feel that if most people would focus more on themselves than who's who and who's wearing what and who's beefing with who then maybe there wouldn't be so many people walking around lost with no identity.

If I was famous I would buy an island like Johnny Depp did and hide out from the rest of the world. Sure, I would probably go to a few events and parties now and then...do a little networking - but that's about it.

I was flipping channels and came across a show where they were showing actresses caught without makeup. So what? Do they have to wear makeup and be glamourous all the time? They're human too. People sometimes act like famous people are animals at the zoo.

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