This Hip-Hop Controversy

I like Hip-Hop Music, but not all hip-hop. I feel that many of the messages are the same played-out messages. Ok, so you have the car, the money, the bling -- so what? And don't even get me started on the videos.

So I could sit here and complain all day about the decline of hip-hop music - what am I going to do about it? I could pray that some of these so-called artists could come across this blog, read this and maybe get a clue. I wonder if any of them ever listened to Lauryn Hill's CD...

Isn't music supposed to inspire?

Some artists say that they're just expressing themselves - what they're actually doing is showing their lack of knowledge. We're all given gifts in life. How we use our gifts determine how far we'll get in this life and the next. I hear of hip-hop artists shooting and fighting each other and I wonder -- why? You want to throw away your gifts for doing something absolutely stupid?

I heard a statistic today that the biggest consumers of hip-hop music are white males. What it all boils down to is money.

I've also noticed that most hip-hop artists are pretty young. Why can't we have someone wiser and more mature come out with some hip-hop music? But wait, somone's coming...soon!

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Jay-vegas said...

Well to set the record straight...hip hop is an expression of our "World" account for what we have been through and what we see...this has been going on for years and since we are now pushing it to the fore front, we get criticized. Hustlers have been around since Al Capone and do they come down on movies for glorifing or showing that on t.v.! Thats picture and sound and society gets made when we just put it on record. Do you all complain about satanic rock you all complain about the heavy metals groups that say kill your parents and what not no...since its HIP HOP which they said would not make it this far and is now the front runner of all music we get critized. Also do you understand how hip hop has made alot of people in and from the projects in to millionaries, and do you all focus on the charities and fund raisiers and out reach programs in the hoods we came from that we are a part of...NO...all it is about how we do videos and how we flash bling and money, which is now a reality for us. Also what music is supposed to be is a expression not just to inspire, but cause if that was the case all music would be that way and we would have set laws to say so...So before you all look at us, the hip hop nation, how bout you all look at whats around you and the reality of what is what. You dont like what we say, help us make a change in our neighborhoods, allow us to get jobs that pay well and see what we talk about then. Hip Hop is just a report of current and past events...Granted some do fake it but alot of us lived it. Take a walk in my shoes and see if you would be rapping bout flowers and all happiness...SO i think yall need to kill this nonsense and deal with the reality of the subject and if you dont like what we say and do and our accounts on life DONT BUY THE MUSIC

teal said...


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