A Commitment

"If you want something out of your day, you must put something into it. Your talent is what God put in you before you were born. Your skills are what you put in yesterday. Commitment is what you must put in today in order to make today your masterpiece and make tomorrow a success." --John C. Maxwell "Today Matters"

What have you committed your life to? What motivates you? What are your passions? Are you doing something today that you are committed to? I made a list of my commitments that I'd like to share:

* To help people build wealth and financial freedom through real estate investing
* To help people realize their dream of owning a home in San Diego
* To create awareness that children need art and creativity in their lives
* To motivate and inspire business owners/potential business owners to pursue their dreams

1 comment:

Sharron said...

Those are awesome commitments that you should be very proud of. Especially the part about owning a SD home.

I recently commited myself to going back to school. It's scary and exciting and exhilerating at the same time.

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