Let Go...and Let God

Little by little I'm learning to let go. It's hard to just let go, but what's the point of worrying? Worrying does nothing but give you head ache, heart ache, and stomach ache. Worrying brings unwelcoming wrinkles and white hairs.

I find myself meditating and praying more, which has helped significantly. I've become more at peace with my life. I'm learning to see the positive in all that happens. The less I worry, the more my trust in God is strengthened. The more I pray, the happier I become.

I'm more aware now of my conversations with friends and realizing just how negative they are. They worry so much about the future. Tomorrow is not promised. Be happy with what you have today and ENJOY IT. Don't spend so much time thinking about what may happen that you don't even realize what's happening right now at this very minute.

As humans we tend to think of the worst case scenario first. Why is that?

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Sharron said...

Great post! I find alot of negativity in myself as well. Especially when I re-read some of my posts. I should stop that.

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