My Dream Home

I have claimed this home as mine. Last Friday I was browsing a homes-for-sale magazine and came across this Tuscan Villa in Rancho Santa Fe. Rancho Santa Fe claims to be the wealthiest zip code in America. I was actually in this home last Christmas helping out with their holiday decorating.

They say that when you want something in life you should visualize that it is already yours. Picture yourself in detail living the life you deserve. What are you wearing? What are you doing?

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Sharron said...

I'm wearing a bikini (that I could never fit into in real life) and sitting by the pool siping on a cocktail and pretending to read a book...all the while drooling over the pool guy/girl... or better yet the hot gardener. But wait, the gardeners arn't usually hot in real life, so scratch that part.

and yes, I love Rancho myself.

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