Sometimes Adversity is a Blessing in Disguise

Bad things happen to good people. Take me, for example. There have been numerous things that have happened to me in my 30+ years of life on this earth and I think I've seen it all. Some people would probably want to curl up and die, others would become addicted to drugs, and others may drink their pain away. Somehow I've survived all that and I thank God I'm still alive. Anything you perceive to be a catastrophe or a small detour from what you've planned for yourself may actually be a blessing in disguise. Who knows, God may have better plans for you. It may be His way of making you a stronger person. Or it may be His way of testing your faith in Him. So whatever negativity you're going through right now, change your perspective of it. It'll make the journey a little easier and you may even learn a thing or two about yourself.

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Laurita said...

wonderfully put. i've been very whiny and complainy lately about bad things going on. sometimes i feel like giving up. but your view on things is exactly what i will try to do. i hope all the swamp im trudging through will lead to a meadow. and soon! god bless!

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