The Art of Therapy

Some psychologists use art in the form of ink blots to dig into a person's mind to see what's hidden in their subconscious. It's rare for a therapist to prescribe creating art as therapy. However, creativity is a great way to heal the soul.

I have never been to a therapist. My mother passed away when I was young and instead of going to see a therapist, I took an art class. I soon discovered that I was a much happier person when painting and creating.

When creating art, it has been my experience that I become so focused on the art that other thoughts just seem to disappear. People are able to express their thoughts and feelings through their art instead of keeping them bottled up inside. At the same time, they are creating an aesthetic work of art with which to share with the world. Creating art is not limited to just drawing and painting. It can be building model airplanes, writing poetry, knitting, or even redecorating the whole house!

The next time you feel down and out, take out a piece of paper, close your eyes, let your imagination flow, and just start doodling. You'll be surprised how you feel afterwards!

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Laurita said...

OMG your paintings are beautiful. I love "Rising Star." Its weird how when we are feeling sad, we create some splendid things. Art is indeed a good way to let out sadness or pain. I can't write when Im in a good mood.

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