Life Is Full of Tests - Live, Learn, and Move On!

On the road to prosperity, we are tested on our faith and our overall outlook on life. Whatever trouble, situation, or challenge you are faced with, there are usually a couple questions that you must answer:

1) Is this right or wrong?
2) Do I accept this and be happy?
3) Do I accept this and be unhappy?

We were born to be happy. God put us on this earth to experience joy and bliss, but also wanted us to go through these tests of faith and belief. Are you aware of the “secret” partner that you have and do you believe that every lesson that you learn puts you on a higher spiritual plane?

The next time you are faced with a challenge or adversity, think of it in terms of: "What can I learn from this situation?" Or rather, don’t use the words “challenge”, “adversity”, or “troubles”. Use the word “lesson” instead and that my help put it into perspective. In every relationship, circumstance, and even every feeling there is a lesson to be learned.

In my life right now I am faced with a loved one hurting me very deeply. The old me would have gone "psycho", but the new me has learned forgiveness and unconditional love. In doing this I have actually felt much happier. I have the faith that this situation has given me strength and paves a way for bigger and better things to come into my life.

When you accept the lesson to be learned and deal with it, in the process you begin to learn more about yourself. Then when you move on, the negative energy dissipates and makes room for the positive energy to enter. As you become more at peace with the lessons that come your way, the less negative energy there will be. The more you learn, the stronger and happier you become!

Being happy is sometimes easier said than done. One technique I use to feel instant happiness when I’m feeling angry or sad is to repeat the words “happiness” and “peace” over and over in my mind. I also think about a paradise getaway where I’d like to visit and that also helps to put my mind at ease. Meditating at least twice a day is also good to clear the pathways for positive energy to enter.

Extract the lesson to be learned, smile, and move on!

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Laurita said...

such moving advice, i was misty eyed. adversity is sometimes so overwhelming i panic and don't think about what good can come out of difficulties; how it can make me a better person. you are an inspiration, and i hope your own situation gets better!


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