Barbara Lewis on her annual journey to Ghana West Africa to the Osu Children’s Orphanage….

This will be my fourth journey to Ghana, Africa taking needed supplies to the Osu Children’s Orphanage. The number of children has increased to 150 ages 0 to teens. Sad to say Papa Joe has died from HIV last year. He was 9 yrs of age. The other children are doing fairly well.

This year donations are scarce on monetary and supplies for the orphanage. This is such a worthy annual project for the children. I’m making another plea for your support for the Osu Children’s Orphanage. I’m a full pledge non-profit organization 501 3c. All monetary donations are tax-deductible. There are 50 babies from 0 to 2 years badly needing Lactose milk which is very expensive in Africa. If you know of a pharmacy that would donate vitamins to the children, let me know. The playground equipment needs to be replaced. The children are in need of soccer balls and jump ropes. There are well over 100 children sharing maybe 6 soccer balls. I was there – I saw the need at the orphanage. These children truly need our support.

I’m making a mercy plea for your help in this Mission endeavor. When a person is willing to travel halfway around the world taking needed supplies to the children in Africa, we should make a conscious effort to give support to that person or persons going. I’m asking you to give up one or two days lunch or entertainment for this worthy project. I’m challenging my church New Creation to sacrifice. Sacrifice to this worthy mission to the children’s home. I’m only one person doing a small part. With the help and support of a community, we can make a difference. I ask for your prayers and good wishes for a safe trip to and from Mother Africa.

Time is of the essence. I leave next Thurs., July 21st. Contact Barb @ 619-263-5490 or email:

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