A Lesson in Plants

My brother gave me some bamboo from a trip to L.A. a few years ago. Two moves later and we still have the bamboo. However, it still hasn't grown very much. I've always been told that when a plant's leaves start to yellow, you should trim them off because it affects the growth of the plant. Well, in all these years I hardly trimmed the yellow leaves off. I thought that if I cut off the leaves, I would hurt the plant in some way.

Today I finally trimmed the yellow leaves off. To me it symbolized the act of finally letting go of the past and the people in my life that have passed. As soon as I was done I felt a small weight release from my shoulders. I'm finally ready to move on with life. It's time for the leaves to grow...

We can't dwell on the past. I didn't realize until recently just how much I think about what happened to my mother and all the what if's that I kept asking. What if she still was alive? What if all my grandparents were still here? It's ok to be sad over people who have passed on, but know that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. I've realized that there is no reason to be sad because I will be seeing all of them again someday. They just went away for awhile....now resting in peace.

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Laurita said...

i really wish things (realizations) could come to me in such a manner. you seem very much calm and peaceful in your dealings with past pain, i only hope i can improve and be the same way in the future. ::hugs::

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