Is This Art?

I attended a gallery reception the other night to write an article about collecting art. The event entitled, "AROUSE Yourself with Art: Collecting Secrets Revealed" is hosted by the San Diego Visual Artists Network (SDVAN). This presentation was the first of a three part seminar which helps the beginning art collector decide what type of art to choose. As an artist I learned a bit about the different criteria collectors use to buy art for his/her collection.

A question in my mind was dominant throughout the night - "What IS art?" This thought began at the beginning of the night with the dynamic performance by Pruitt Igoe. An eclectic blend of opera, instrumental, and spoken word that touched every part of my soul.

So, what is art? What I've come to personally know is that art and beauty are certainly in the eyes of the beholder. But to see the beauty in everything is an art in itself.

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