Prosperity and Living With Purpose - Part I

I believe that prosperity is available for everyone in this world. Yes, EVERYONE has the ability to create prosperity for themselves. I don’t mean prosperity in the sense of acquiring possessions such as fancy cars, big homes, even bigger bank accounts, etc., but prosperity in terms of having a life that is purposeful and full of meaning. Believe me, money will start to pour in once you realize what your purpose is in life and you begin to follow your dreams.

Change Your Attitude

Creating a prosperous life begins with changing your attitude and your thoughts. The first step to a life of prosperity is realizing that the Universe is full of abundance and whatever you want is waiting for you to claim it. You have the power within yourself to become prosperous. Begin by saying to yourself, “I am entitled to a life of prosperity. I AM prosperous. I AM wealthy.” Say this to yourself when you catch yourself feeling stressed or anxious about money or when thoughts or feelings of scarcity cross your mind. Keep saying this to yourself and pretty soon you’ll begin to feel prosperous!

Take inventory of your thoughts throughout the day. The average person has thousands of thoughts a day. For many years thoughts of not having enough money crossed my mind almost every hour. I worried so much about my lack of money that I did not even enjoy what I did have like my health, a roof over my head, and a car to get me to work.
Give thanks for what you have right now and most of all, enjoy it! Know that you have a secret Accountant who is watching over you and making sure that all your needs are being met.

When I talk to most people and ask how life is going for them, most people respond, “Well you know, life is OK. I’m just getting by and trying to survive.” If that is what your attitude is towards life, that’s how your life will be and your life will never change. Be careful of what you say to people about your current situation. Most people measure their lives according to the size of their bank account and then tell everyone how broke they are.

It’s time to change your belief system. Believe that you have a right to lead a life of purpose and prosperity. Believe that you can have everything you want. Believe it and do not let doubt or fear creep into your thoughts. These poisonous thoughts have a sneaky way of entering your mind. Be aware of them and say, “Stop!”

To be continued...

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