Prosperity Affirmations

Prosperity comes to each and everyone of us. For some it may be material prosperity and for others it may be intangible.

There was a time in my life when all I thought about was the lack of money in my life. Little did I know back then that you attract what you think about. If you feel yourself constantly thinking about how "broke" you are, say to yourself,

"The abundance of God flows in and through my life. I am prospered."

Write this down and post it in a place that you can see everyday. It's going to take some time to change your mindset from "lack" to "prosperity". Writing down affirmations is one of the best ways to embed prosperous thoughts into your subconscious. This I learned from a prosperity teacher, Marilyn Jenett .

Here are some ideas for affirmations you can write down to begin your journey to propserity:

-Prosperity flows to me and through my life.
-I am blessed with overflowing abundance
-I am a child of God, worthy of abundant living. I welcome my good.
-I have a prosperity attitude that draws good to me.
-I am open to new ideas and welcome an increase in income

Helping others to achieve a fulfilling and abundant-filled life is one of my life's missions. If you would like more information on achieving prosperity in your life, contact me at:
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  • 1 comment:

    Nikki said...

    I Ask the Grace for it.
    I Believe the Grace provides it.
    I Receive all the good the Grace offers me.
    I am thankful.

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