Change Is For the Better

I usually don’t watch the local news (or any news for that matter), but today I was enticed by the “Affordable Housing in San Diego” information that was promised. To my surprise, the news wasn’t all that bad. In my opinion, the news is full of negativity and who knows if what is being reported is actually accurate. Especially when the government is involved. But let me stop before I go on a political rampage….

Anyways, there was a segment on Katrina survivors living here in San Diego which caught my interest. They interviewed a family that decided to settle here instead of going back to New Orleans. The man interviewed said that even though they lost everything because of the hurricane, it gave them a chance to start over. He also said that usually change is for the better. I agree.

I think it’s great that people can turn a disaster into a positive experience. Only God knows the deeper meaning of what happened. I believe that there are blessings in everything and anything that happens in our lives. For many people who experienced Katrina, they now have even better living conditions than in New Orleans. Some still have to face mortgage bills, but who knows what will happen in the future.

As I type this I am counting my blessings….

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