Patience and Perserverance

I sat at the bus stop and glanced at my watch. 8:54. Seven minutes late. My mind raced to figure out what to do. There was no way I was going to make my connecting bus. The old me would have begun a panic attack. I looked in my wallet and counted $15. I'll just take a cab at the transfer station, I thought.

During the bus ride I contemplated whether or not I was ready to take the next step in my business. Of course! Why would I even ask? I thanked God for the opportunity and knew that this was part of the journey of my dream.

I get to the transfer station and hop into a cab. The driver was a happy man and his energy washed away any anxiety I felt. We chit-chatted about life. I was able to make out most of his broken English.

"....I just moved here from Maryland and I've submitted my resume fo computer jobs to many places. I will wait and perservere. That's very important, you know, perserverance."

I agreed. "Yes, perserverance and patience is very important."

I made it to the meeting on time. Not only did I get a refresher on the importance of perserverance and patience, I was also reminded that everything does happen for a reason. The short exchange of thoughts and energy with the cab driver lifted my spirits and gave me the motivation I needed for the day. And much cheaper than going to a psychiatrist :)

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