True Freedom

There are many definitions of freedom. Many wars have been fought on the basis of this idea called freedom. But what is freedom, really? Do you think that you are truly free?

To me, freedom is a state of mind. Freedom is experiencing true bliss and being able to enjoy life without restrictions and limitations. Being free means following your instincts and living your dreams. We do not need to go to war to be free. This is an illusion created by politicians who have hidden agendas.

Being free also means living your life without regard to what others may think of you. Many of us are concerned with "image" and not concerned with being true to ourselves. To live authentically is doing what you were meant to be doing and not doing what others say that you should do.

There is no "price for freedom". All you have to do is state that you are free and you will be free. Simple as that.

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