The Art of Sharing

Yesterday a friend's daughter was sitting on the couch watching a DVD on her father's laptop computer. As I walked by I made a comment about the cartoon that she was watching.

The little girl made the ugliest face and said, "It's my DVD!" Her mother just sat there and said nothing. I wasn't bothered so much by what she said than the fact that her mother tolerated her rudeness towards me. And I wonder why there are greedy people in the world today...

Today I was in a public restroom and the girl next to me threw out her hand under the stall and kindly asked for some toilet paper. I obliged and suddenly got a flashback of that famous episode of Seinfeld when Elaine was in a restroom and didn't have any toilet paper. She asked the girl next to her if she could "spare a square" and the girl refused.

Why don't people share? Is it a need to feel in control or a fear that there won't be enough?

Everything on this earth belongs to God. He gives us gifts and resources to test what we will do with them. I think if more people shared what they have, there would be less starving people and less homelessness.

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