Doing the Impossible

The other day I was helping my friend's little four-year-old put together a block puzzle of a snail. After he was finished with the puzzle he said, "I want to stand it up!"

"Stand what up?" I asked.

"The snail!" he replied.

"Oh, no, Sweetie. The puzzle cannot stand up. It will fall apart."

But of course, as most four-year-olds do, he did not listen. Next thing I know....

"I did it!" he exclaimed.

"WOW! You did it!" Surprised is not the right word to use here -- SHOCKED would be the word to describe what I felt when I looked down to see the snail puzzle standing straight up.

Who was I to tell this little boy that he could not do something? I went against what I believed in - doing the impossible...

I love daydreaming about doing what I think is impossible - flying like a bird, singing in front of millions of fans, selling my art for millions of dollars....and the list goes on and on... But what I learned that day when the puzzle stood up is that anything is possible!

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