Negativity is Poison For the Soul

The past few days have been spent in bed nursing my soul back to health. In a conversation with a former business partner, I was attacked mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our conversation somehow got off-track and was no longer about business. It was getting personal.

I decided the next day that I no longer wanted to do business with this person. Our conversation from the day before resonated with me. I let his words penetrate my soul and attack the positive energy vibes that otherwise fill my heart. I knew better than to let his words bring me down and make me mad. Anger puts you in the low energy zone. His poisoned words kept echoing in my mind.

And so I spent the last few days in bed filling myself with positive affirmations and vanilla cake with chocolate icing....Yumm...

I've learned that there are people in our lives who may appear to have good intentions for us, but are actually envious of us. Subconsciously they may not like that you are well-off than them - be it financially, emotionally, physically, etc. They don't want you to surpass them in any way even though they may encourage you to "keep at it". Some people will downright tell you that your goals are unachievable and that you should be more "realistic".

It's a good idea to keep your dreams and aspirations to yourself. Doing so keeps away negativity from others, especially those envious of you. There's no need to try and validate yourself to others.

God knows where you're headed. That's all that matters.

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