How To Live a Rich Life

by Carole Pagan

In today’s world, you may not even know what it is to live a balanced life. When chaos and stress are the norm – a balanced life seems like some nostalgic notion.

So just what is a balanced life? Basically, it’s having time for everything –
* Satisfying work
* Clean comfortable home
* Eating right
* Getting exercise
* Talking care of yourself
* Having time to spend with family and friends
* Having time for hobbies, or reading
* Having time to just relax
* Getting enough rest
* Having enough money to pay bills, have adequate savings, and money left for fun.

The truth is, very few people live balanced lives today. Anytime more focus is put on one area of your life, the other areas suffer.

The most common cause of life imbalance is wanting more than you can afford – working longer hours to make more money, and having more and more debt – takes away from your quality of life.

Ironic, isn’t it? The things you think you want, in reality, make your life worse.

All around, I see people with big houses they can barely afford, little or no furniture, and no time to spend enjoying it. Then of course, people want the Escalade that costs as much to keep gassed up as the outrageous payment.

Ask yourself, is working all those hours to keep these “things” really making you happy?

In most cases you can find a less expensive choice that will serve your needs just as well. The benefits of the less expensive choice would be more money to spend on other things, and not having to work as hard.

To many people, cutting back is a sign of failure. I don’t know about you, but putting all that work into keeping up appearances and never having any time to really live life doesn’t seem very successful. What do you think?

Do you really want the big home that you have to work extra hard to pay for, pay taxes on, furnish, keep clean and maintain? Or would you be happier with something a little smaller that would give you extra time and money so you could actually enjoy life? All of this “gotta have it now” thinking is just making everyone miserable. No one can ever seem to have enough, or work hard enough, or have enough time. So much stress.

Imagine how different your life would look if you had-

* A home just big enough to fill all of your needs, that’s easy to keep clean and maintain.

* A nice car that gets good gas mileage and doesn’t take a lot to maintain.

Wouldn’t that be a lot less stressful? Before you buy that next “gotta have” thing, think about the real cost in time, money, and what else you have to sacrifice. Is it really worth it? Will it really make you happy in the long run?

All it takes is slight changes and you can have a much richer life. Start focusing on having time to do the things that make life worth living. Make time to garden, hike, golf, boat, paint, read, or whatever else you love to do. Spend time with family and friends. Get involved in your community.

A richer life is not about money and things. It’s about truly living.

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