A National Obsession

"...no matter what the surface is, we don't have it all..." -- Star Jones-Reynolds

I always wonder why people are fascinated with celebrities and their lives. It says a lot about a person who is engrossed with the lives of famous people and who constantly talk about who’s dating who and who did what in the celebrity world.

I sat in the bookstore last week and noticed a family sitting in front of me. The mom was reading a celebrity tabloid, the two kids were left to entertain themselves, and the husband was staring off in space, lost as to what to do. The wife became irritated when one of the kids asked her a question. She did not want her reading to be interrupted.

How did our society become this way? Why are we obsessed with other people’s lives? Do they think that celebrities’ lives are perfect?

Every one of us has our own challenges we have to deal with. Celebrities are no exception. Sure, they may appear to have it all – million dollar salaries, big fancy homes, “perfect bodies”, etc. However, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. What may appear to be a “perfect life” may be a living nightmare. Many of these people are actors who can fake a smile and hide behind designer clothing.

We’re all human with human issues. Each one of us has the ability to shine. If we can focus more on our own lives, we can all be shining stars!

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