Your Most Powerful Asset

As a young girl, my dream was to become a psychologist. I was fascinated with why people act the way they do. I studied psychology in college and learned everything from the physical parts of the brain to theories by Sigmund Freud and Pavlov. What I didn’t learn was just how powerful your mind is.

From a very early age our minds are programmed and influenced by our parents, what we see on TV, and the people we hang out with. Many psychologists attribute “abnormalities” such as depression and psychosis to biological imbalances. However, could it be that what these people are actually thinking is what’s causing the imbalances and not the other way around?

You see, you along have the power of healing yourself or becoming who you want to be. How you think and what you think about yourself influences your actions greatly.

Contrary to popular belief, we all hear “voices” inside our heads. It may be your own voice telling you what you need t do or the voice of a foe telling you negative things. Your mind has the power to accept the good voices and achieve success and lead a good life. Your mind also has the power to not accept the negativity that has a way of creeping up and bringing you down.

By becoming more aware of your thoughts and taking note of your feelings every once in awhile, you’ve taken the first step to having control of your mind. You can then become stronger as a person.

“As you think, so you shall be.”

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