The Good Life Is....

When you think about living a "good life", what comes to mind? Living in your dream home with a overflowing bank account? Meeting and falling in love with your soul mate? Or is it traveling the world and helping the less fortunate?

Everyone has their own idea and opinion as to what constitutes a good life. One thing I think we can all agree on is that living a good life is living a happy and fulfilling life.

Becoming a happy person begins within. You don't depend on external circumstances to determine your happiness. Most people look to the future and figure they'll be happy when they win the lottery, find that special someone, or have that dream home. Being happy is a state of mind and a choice. Happiness can happen now - at this minute if you'd like. It is all in how you perceive the circumstances in your life. You can choose to happy and look at the bright side of everything, or you can choose to be depressed and negative.

What is my idea of the good life?

The good life for me includes being grateful for all that is given to me. The Universe accepts your thanks and continues to give you more. Sharing in the gifts that you are given opens up opportunities for more good to come.

Moreover, the good life for me also means doing work that you absolutely love. We're all born with a purpose in life - something that we are meant to do. When you've discovered that one thing (or maybe a few things) that puts you in a state of bliss, you know that you're living the good life.

Stick to what you love and everything else will fall into place.

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