Being Grateful For All That Comes Your Way

Every morning when I wake up and at night when I get ready to go to sleep, I meditate and give thanks for all that has come my way. I learned this practice of giving thanks when I took a rites of passage class during college (Dr. Monges at Chico State is a great teacher, by the way!). Dr. Monges had us write down five things that we can be thankful for every day and ever since then I have always been mindful of all the gifts that the Universe has given me.

Do you give thanks for the money that comes your way? Kavit Haria over at Awareness and Consciousness gives a great post on paying your bills with love and tells us that we can't be upset when we receive bills - especially if we don't have the money to pay them. I've learned to be grateful for the money that I get, no matter how small the amount, because it paves the way for more money to come in. We must always keep in mind that money is just energy - it's just paper.

So, what can you be grateful for today?

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