Book Review: Manifest Your Destiny by Wayne Dyer

I'm almost at the end of reading "Manifest Your Destiny" by Wayne Dyer. The more I read his books, the stronger my faith is and the more peaceful I become. I've certainly learned quite a bit from reading Dr. Dyer's books and I'm truly grateful for the knowledge and wisdom that he shares.

In this book Dr. Dyer gives us a step-by-step plan for manifesting all that we desire in life. Here's an excerpt that is particularly eye-opening for me:

"Understand the essence of what you desire. What you desire is not necessarily in the realm of things. If you want to manifest money, for example, notice if your attention is centered on the dollars or on the experience and feeling of financial security. Ask yourself what you want the money for. Put your attention on the joyous experiences that you associate with what you are desiring rather than focusing on a new automobile or a new boss or a new partner. The experience is the essence of your desire."

By reading this book you learn to become more patient with what you want out of life. A must read!

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