Courage To Change

Sometimes in life we don't take enough chances and usually it's due to fear. Something may have happened in our past that makes us cautious and we just don't want to get hurt or fail again.

It takes alot of courage to take those risks in life. But if you can just get over that hump of fear, you may find the best things in life happen when you do! If you can just go into a situation and think that the Universe will take care of you no matter what happens, I think it eases the worries and anxieties you may feel.

When I wanted to quit my job and go into business for myself full time, I didn't think I was ready financially. But in my heart I knew I couldn't stand one more day of doing something I didn't want to do. So I took that risk - I quit - and the Universe made way for even more income to flow in!

Is there something you want to do but don't want to take that chance? Here's a website that you may like to read that may give you the courage....Everyday Courage Blog
Books on Courage:

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