Relaxation Script/Affirmation

Here's a great relaxation affirmation I received via email today and wanted to share it with you:

Right now, I am relaxing and letting go of anyworries, tension or stress. I breathe deeply, inhaling clarity and peace, and exhaling anything that no longer supports my overall well-being. I am giving myself this moment of quiet to refocus, allowing myself to be present and centered in the flow of life. All that I need is here, now. I open myself to receive. I let go of anything that is not really mine to handle. I now see my next steps unfolding with clarity and order. I know exactly what to do to take care of myself and to accomplish all that is mine to do this day, with ease and grace. I breathe deeply, inhaling clarity and peace, and allowing clarity and peace to fill me on every level. I am truly grateful for all the goodness in my life and I am moving forward feeling relaxed, refreshed, alert,vibrant and peaceful.

Have a wonderful, peace-filled day,
Dr. IlenyaIlenya Marrin, DSS, MS, NCC
The Personal Peace Coach
Author of ebooks The Power of Personal Peace: Reducing Stress by Loving Yourself from the Inside Out and A Way of Loving Intention

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