The Secret to Staying Healthy

I've been feeling "under the weather" for the past few days, thus the lack of posts here. I've worked non-stop for the past month or so - between writing, making and selling my jewelry, life has been busy - to say the least. I certainly won't complain because I'm doing what I love, but I still need to REST!

And resting is not something I'm very good at :) My mind is constantly thinking of things I want to do..need to do...have to do... But the fact is, I don't have to do anything. I just need to be. I must relax - that's the secret to staying healthy!

I called a friend the other day and she told me that we just don't allow ourselves the time to rest. It's the Universe's way of saying - SLOW DOWN!

Frost offers 5 tips to staying healthy:
Tip #1 - Get off your butt!
Tip #2 - Strive to Learn
Tip #3 - Do What you Love
Tip #4 - Work for Something
Tip #5 - Emotions Mean Everything

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