Wayne Dyer's Talk on PBS: Inspiring!

I watched Wayne Dyer's talk last night which aired on PBS and was filled with such inspiration - as I always do when I hear him talk.

Dr. Dyer goes into detail about inspiration and the people in his life that inspired him, including a young boy who raised money to build a well in Africa and a woman named Immaculée Ilabagiza from Rwanda who hid in a bathroom for three months so she wouldn't be killed. He also tells the story of the butterfly that landed on his finger - which is pictured on the front of his new book, Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling

Yes, I was teary-eyed when I heard these stories - but it filled me with so much love, energy, motivation to keep with my own mission of helping others to realize their own divinity. You have the power to manifest and attract all that is good into your life :)

Dr. Dyer never fails to inspire!

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