Oprah's Debt Diet Challenge Part 5 & Creating Wealth

I watched Oprah's Debt Diet Challenge again today. People came on to talk about how the show has helped them with their financial plans and budgeting.

Last year when I went on my own debt diet I was forced to cut down on expenses. I had quit my corporate job to focus on starting my own business, which meant no steady income. I had to hold onto whatever money I had. That meant no eating out, no movies, and no shopping sprees. It was hard at first, but I had no choice in the matter! Now I've become more disciplined with my money and have become wiser as to how I spend it.

I'm reading more books on real estate because I know that owning properties is going to be the key to creating wealth. You can visit my real estate and home decorating website that I've created to help others educate themselves about the real estate market. There are a ton of articles on real estate and home decorating on the website.

Writing down your financial goals will definitely help in creating your own wealth. Also, keeping track of your spending will show you where you can cut down and save. One of the areas where people spend a great deal of money is eating out. Having a food budget can put you on track to saving alot of money. I know this personally!

Has anybody out there started a debt diet? How is it working for you?

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