Get Out and Play!

It's been a very eventful weekend, so I apologize for the lack of posts here. I felt the need to take a break anyhow and get out and actually talk to other people :) Sometimes working from home can be quite lonely and I'm generally somewhat of a shy person on top of that. So, it was nice to have a break from the computer and do some of the other things I love to do - make jewelry and paint.

Anyhow, speaking of breaks - have you taken a break lately? Sometimes we get caught up in
the "schedule" of our lives that we forget to take time out to go out and play. We are such busy people - working 40+ hours a week, taking the kids to soccer and basketball practice, grocery shopping, doing laundry, oh - the list goes on and on. And we wonder why we're so run-down and tired!

I urge you to make one hour for yourself each day. Your well-being depends on it. Go for a walk...lock yourself in a room and meditate...visit an art museum...

Trust me, you'll like it :)

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