Life Planning for Happiness and Well-Being

by Sabrina Schleicher, Ph.D.

Do you have a life plan? Most people are aware of the importance of having a career plan, a financial plan, a retirement plan, etc., but few consider the importance of having a life plan. What happens when you do not develop a life plan? You feel carried along by life, making choices on a day to day basis without fully considering the impact such choices will have on your overall life satisfaction and well-being. You may feel somewhat comfortable in your life, but experience a gnawing sense of unease and dissatisfaction. Perhaps you have the experience of thinking there are other activities and projects you would like to be doing, but believe your current circumstances prohibit you from exploring those other options for yourself. Maybe you believe what you would really like to be doing would take too much money, time, education, etc., so you never venture out to design the life you would really like to live. Or, maybe you believe too many people in your life depend on you to continue doing exactly what it is you are doing right now and it would inconvenience them if you were to make changes in your life. Developing a life plan will help you to overcome the barriers that keep you from living the life you desire.

So, what is a life plan? A life plan includes your vision for your life, your life purpose, your values, and your goals-for your personal life and your career. What is your vision for your lifestyle? Is your work supporting this lifestyle, or is it taking you further and further away from the lifestyle you desire. Are your relationships supporting your desired lifestyle? A life plan you will guide you in making important day-to-day decisions in all facets of your life so that each day you are closer to living the life you desire.

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