Seeing the Blessings In Everything

I was talking to a friend yesterday and the topic of gas prices came up... "I'm kindof glad that price of gas is going up," she said.


"Well, it's time for people to start becoming more aware of the pollution in the city. It's time for people to start carpooling, taking public transportation, and it's time for the city to build a better public transportation system."

I never really looked at it from that perspective before. I've noticed that San Diego is starting to look like L.A. in regards to pollution. When you drive north on the 15, you can see the haze hovering over the hilltops that wasn't there five years ago.

"Yes, and people do need to start getting exercise and walking more. Americans these days are obese and prone to heart attacks more than other cultures," I said.

That conversation definitely was an exercise in seeing the blessings in everything that happens...Perhaps this rise in gas price will spur more companies into making more fuel-efficient cars so that humans won't use so much of these natural resources.

Many Americans have become so dependent on cars that they look at taking public transportation as "beneath" them. If you visit other countries, you'll see that many other cultures take public transportation most everywhere they go.

Any thoughts?

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