Karma and Tithing

I truly believe that "what goes around, comes around". I've found that in my personal life, whenever I give in the form of monetary gifts, I'm rewarded ten-fold. However, I do not give simply because I know I will get it back, but because I know that we are all given wealth and what you do with that wealth will determine how far you go in life.

But it doesn't even have to be money. You can give whatever you feel in your heart. Take for example, Sudesh Mahato, Home (interior) Minister of Jharkhand state of India, who is giving a village a new road and electricity as a gift to his bride-to-be, which I found out via Are You a Beauty and South Asia Biz. Something like that is unheard of here in the United States and I'm sure many of us can learn from this story.

Some religions "require" that you tithe 10% to the church, but I believe that you should give what whatever you feel comfortable with. I give money to non-profits like LIFE and ARTS. Some people believe that organizations often don't follow through with the money you give them. However, I think that it is your true intentions that are recorded, no matter
what happens with the money.


Panda said...

But it doesn't even have to be money. You can give whatever you feel in your heart.

That is so true. It's much better when it comes from the heart, anyway.

Razib Ahmed said...

Actually, the entry was a bit ironic. The villagers did not get electrcity until now but since a girl from that village got married with a VIP they enjoyed the taste of electric light for the first time in their life. HOwever, Sudesh Mahato, really has done something exceptional.

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