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Home in Rancho Santa Fe, California
Yesterday my friend and I went "house hunting" in Rancho Santa Fe, one of the most expensive zip codes in the country. I've heard that Bill Gates and Janet Jackson have homes somewhere in Rancho Santa Fe. I've talked about my dream home here before. I still continue to dream about my little piece in heaven and I hope that this post inspires you to keep dreaming
Rancho Santa Fe Home
Pictured here are a couple of the homes nestled in the hillside. I can't even begin to explain how absolutely stunning and gorgeous the homes are. Unfortunately, many of them were blocked by gates or had tons of trees blocking them so we couldn't really get a good view.

I don't believe it's wrong to want to live a wealthy and prosperous life, as long as we know how to use the wealth wisely and for the greater good of all.

Do you have a dream home? If not, why not?

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