A Life Without a "To Do" List

I had a friend advise me to "slow down", so I've done just that - and have been living without a "To Do" list for the past couple weeks. That's pretty huge for me. I'm a person who lives by the "To Do" list. I must have one. Some people don't believe in these lists and I wonder how they get things done. If I didn't write things down, my mind would be bogged with trying to remember all the tasks I want or need to do.

What I've learned from not having the "list" is:
1) that I forgot what it meant to be spontaneous and to just do fun things at the spir of the moment
2) Most of the things that I think are priority are actually not. Making sure the dishes are washed everyday is not a priority. Spending time with loved ones is.
3) I'm still productive
Claire Tompkins over at ProductivityGoal has some great articles on prioritizing....

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