Miami Heat's Patience Is Rewarded

If you're a basketball fan like me, you know that the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship. I'm thrilled for them because they certainly deserve it. It's the first time in franchise history that they've won a championship and it was due to the team's faith in God and in each other...and having a coach who is a great motivator!

Alonzo Mourning gave a great talk to the press after the game. He had to overcome the obstacle of being diagnosed with kidney disease a few years ago and faced the idea of not being able to play the game anymore. However, he said that he "kept this right" as he points to his head - meaning, he stayed positive through the whole ordeal. He realized that he was a sign of hope to others while learning about patience and perserverance. Alonzo was able to see the positive in his situation and I admire him for that.

Well, the Miami Heat's patience was surely rewarded. Alonzo and Gary Payton are veterans who get to wear a ring for the first time in their career....Ahhh, the sweetness of success ;)

Photo Credit: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

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