"Ten Ways to Add Abundance To Your Mind, Life & World"

I found out about this great article at Womenlinks.com called Ten Ways to Add Abundance To Your Mind, Life & World via Out of the Blog, Into the Light. Lately I've been thinking about #1:
Step up and become a world peacemaker. Volunteer to help keep peace in the world. Yes, even one hour this year will make a difference. Think about it -- if 2,000 people volunteered just one hour, that 2,000 hours that peace is closer in the world. It is like interest, it compounds. You can and do make a difference. Visit The 1,000 Years of Peace Project (http://www.pledgepeace.org/) and pledge just one hour in 2004 towards peace!
I reflect on the workings of Mother Teresa and now the humanitarian, Angelina Jolie. I, too, would also like to help bring peace to the world...

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