"The Tools of Creation" by Natasha Ashwe

Here's an article I came across today that I'd like to share:

The tools are ready and keen; our bodies, our senses, our minds, our thoughts.

They are the tools that generate our realities.

We find ourselves discovering them anew, during the course of our life journeys, as if they were suddenly introduced to us in those moments of clarity by chance, forgetting that they were actually created and fashioned at the brink of our emergence into human existence to serve us for the purpose of manifesting our reality in the existences we were to be passed into.

Hands are to touch and to feel and to hold. Therefore not only must you discover the reality you live and know the reality you have chosen, because as you touch, feel, and hold your existing reality with your hands, you must also touch, feel, and hold with your hands pieces of the reality you have chosen to bring into manifestation.

Draw your hands closer to your reality in the physical sense as well as the mental [where you fill your head with ultimately more accurate moving images of your hands touching, feeling, holding, and working with what you proclaim your reality to be.

I was reading something recently about how so many people focus on creating visions of what they want, unaware of how much more powerful actual mental ‘movies’ are; to put holography in simpler terms. I reflected on my own mistakes, and two nights ago when I was trying a mental projection of one of my goals i.e. acting it out in my head, I became stuck in so many places I had never thought out practically before with my one-dimensional picture images of the past.

So it’s not just about say, having dinner with the man of your dreams; picturing two of you at a table, forks posed mid-way to your mouths, smiling faces for the camera shot. No. the whole works, baby. Minute to minute. A short film in your head, not a photograph. I’ve realized how so much different taking still pictures are from recording moving ones with an ordinary camcorder phone. Movies are powerful].

Let your ears hear it, let your tongue taste it, let your nostrils smell it, let your heart feel it, as physically as you can possibly let these senses feel and with all of your soul inside your essence [thinking up the conversation and experience deduced by your unconsciousness -the sleeping giant; you eternal- that you’ll be having with the man of your dreams may even put you off him when you open your eyes!].

You become a magnet, pulling on the drawstrings linking you physically and mentally to what you have chosen; pulling the aspects of the reality you have acknowledged towards you, attracting seen and unseen elements, attracting seen and unseen souls into communion of it.

The tools are immensely powerful workers of your reality. It’s as simple as drawing forth beauty from make-up and beauty products [the right ones mind you!] with your hands, watching them become a part of you and a part of your reality.

Like drawing knowledge from books, enhancing your mind into a powerhouse of the knowledge you have received. Like receiving a warm hug, feeling the good vibrations seep into your being, eating the proper foods to build a proper body.

Identifying what you want and touching; receiving of its essence.

The world is like a supermarket. You must find the aisle you want to walk down, look for the things you believe you need, and then touch them and take them into your essence, physically and mentally building yourself and your reality.

Touch, taste, hear, smell, feel. Use your tools.

And if you want to begin to identify with the part of you that is forever-eternal you- which is the power connected directly to the Source, our Eternal, if you want to begin to be a part of forever; touch, taste, hear, smell, feel pieces of forever. Take in the timeless elements and sights; the break of dawn and sunset, the moon and stars at night, raindrops and thunderstorms, the powerful ever-present metals of gold, silver, copper, iron, the mystery of water and fire. Light and darkness.

Learn the laws that rule the universe around you; give to receive, ask to be answered, and always be aware of the ultimate balance that is revealed in the elements of this world and the substances inside you. There are things to be forfeited for others to be taken up; every breath is the intake of the new and the expulsion of the old. The focuses on the images must shift, things must disappear for others to appear, and others must appear for others to disappear.

Understand those rules of imaging and the utilization of space; withdraw what you must that the law may flow and the things you want may come forth into being, place out what is required that the things you do not desire may recede from the vision.

And never take it for granted that you must be an active part of your manifestation, not play, but be, since you are the whole process of your reality.

Others play roles and parts in what you are. You simply are.

Your part is to BE your manifestation. Know your part and do your part. But most importantly, use your tools. Happy Creation.

Natasha Ashwe is a poet and a writer. She was born in Kingston, Ontario. She is currently writing her first fantasy novel.


The Lion who is Blue said...

That is the most wonderful lesson I've ever realized to learn. I'm very grateful that you showed me on how to use these tools for me to grasp and understand how life is showing me and on how I show to others how life is wondeful. Thank you for making me realize how important to show our expression of gratefulness to life and to others.

Maria Palma said...

I'm happy to know that I am helping others realize their true potential. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts ;)

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