When Melancholy Moods Take Over

This weekend I was feeling quite emotional about some personal relationships. I know that I shouldn't be sad about circumstances that appear in my life because my life certainly could be worse. Nonetheless, I am human and it is a human emotion.

So tears made their way down my cheeks as I tried to hang onto positive thoughts about the future. I didn't let it "all out" like I wanted to, but I've come to realize that not releasing these emotions tends to make me even more stressed. Today I was guided to Debbie Call's post about "When Not to Seek Inner Peace" - which reading it helped me in my own personal issues. I have to echo Debbie's thoughts:

"There's a part of me that feels quite ridiculous that I am explaining something that seems so patently obvious about emotional release. I'm doing so because there are still a lot of cultural messages out there about "managing" emotions i.e. as in avoiding them. Swallowing emotions makes them more potent, not less so."

How do you deal with your emotions? I welcome your thoughts and comments here...

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