Attracting More Money Into Your Life

There's been quite a few requests for information and tips on how to attract money into your life. Who doesn't want to have more money, eh? It's actually pretty easy - if you put your "mind" to it - because wealth is actually just a state of mind.

Do you constantly worry or stress that you'll never have enough money? Do you always say, "I'm broke", "I can't afford that", or "I'll never have enough money"? Did you know that by making these statements you're actually repelling money away from you? If you know anything about the subconscious mind you know that whatever you say leaves a seed in the mind that grows into whatever you plant in it. So, if you continue to say "I'm broke", your subconscious mind will continue to attract poverty and lack into your life.

The subconscious mind is a powerful thing. It's a neutral entity that believes anything that you say to it. It knows no boundaries and has no limits. Whatever you say or think will always come to pass, therefore it is important to always think "wealth" and "success". If you think about these things, pretty soon you will begin to look and act the part.

There are a few things you can do today to start becoming the prosperous person you are meant to be and attract all the money you wish for:

1) Stop thinking about the lack in your life and start being grateful for all that you have. Think about all the people in this world whose lives are much more unfortunate than yours. When you are more grateful for all blessings, more will flow into your life.

2) Visualize how your life would be if you had all the money to do what you wish. Begin to feel and experience in your mind the feeling of being prosperous. Know in your mind that money will continually flow into your life and never think about "not having enough". When you catch yourself having these thoughts, affirm to yourself "Wealth" or "Prosperity" over and over. In the beginning your conscious may resist these ideas, but keep at it everyday and your poverty thinking will soon begin to fade away. Remember that we are creatures of habit, so the more you do something, the less you'll have to really "think" about it.

3) One of the main reasons why people don't attract what they want in their life is that they're more concerned about the "how" rather than focusing on the end result. Leave it up to the Universe to pave the way for your prosperity. Just have the faith that it will happen for you.

Before I discovered this power to attract prosperity into my life, I was barely making ends meet. Sometimes I would eat Ramen and rice for lunch and dinner and would have to scrounge up ten cents just to buy the Ramen!

But now that I know the "secrets" to a better life, I have been able to more than double my income. I no longer live from paycheck to paycheck and have a steady flow of income in my life. I am now doing only the things that I love to do and making money from what used to be just hobbies. Although it may seem that I'm "working hard", I truly enjoy what I do, so it doesn't really seem like work.

So, start with your passions and truly believe that money will be a constant flow in your life. Remember that when you worry about money, you're sending out the message that you don't have faith in Source. Source gives you everything that you ask for - just be patient and know that it will come!

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