Choices in Life

In a response to my fellow KMM writer's post about choices, I talk about choices in regards to customer service at However, I'd like to expand more on the topic here because in all our daily lives we're constantly faced with choices. Those choices have consequences and influence our mind states and emotional well-being.

What career to pursue, what types of investments to get involved in, what to eat for dinner tonight - the list of choices go on and on. But did you know that you have choice when it comes to having a good and prosperous life? Did you know that you have the choice to be happy or sad? When someone makes you angry, do you rant about that person to everybody you come in contact with? You've made a choice to let that person "work your last nerve". You allowed them to bring you down and put you in that negative state of mind. Yes, YOU made that choice. So be aware of your thoughts and choose to be happy, choose to be positive, and choose to be prosperous!

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Ellen Weber said...

Thanks Maria, I see the results of your choices in your words and cadence and it motivates the rest of us to make good choices too! Bravo!

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