Do You Smell The Roses?

For some reason lately I’ve been quite obsessed with how many readers have been visiting this blog - although I should know better than to judge my success by the amount of people that come here! The amount of people reading doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I could have 50 people visit my blog, but only 5 people actually find something of interest and decide to subscribe. And then I could only have 10 people visit my blog each day, but those ten people are inspired. Then I have made a difference in ten people’s lives.

When did our society become so obsessed with numbers? In big business, it’s about “the numbers”. What I’m learning is that in reality, it’s all about the relationships that you build. Whether in your personal life or your business life, you are here to make a difference in your life and other people’s lives. Money is only a by-product of the gifts that you give to others.

This is something we also have to keep in mind as we go on this adventure to gain wealth and prosperity in life. Yes, we want more money in life, but isn’t it much better to enjoy the journey and live each second as if you already have all the money in the world? Don’t become so obsessed with attracting the money that you forget to “smell the roses”. It’s funny, but it wasn’t until recently that I came to realize the true meaning of that phrase!

Stop focusing on the numbers and start smelling the roses!

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Raymond Salas said...

Thank you Maria for the great reminders here. The timing of your message is perfect. Thanks again.

Maria Palma said...


The Universe works in magnificent ways, eh? Thanks for reading and commenting here!

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