More Progress on the Double Your Way to a Million

I'm still on step #9 of Double Your Way to a Million...

For awhile I was finding money every other day - a penny here, a dime there - but for about a week I wasn't coming across anything. The reason being was that I wasn't thinking about it. I got caught up in moving and the "stresses" associated with that. But then I started thinking about the million again and money started popping up again a few days ago.

Keep that million at the forefront of your mind and you will make it!

By the way, Gerard has a podcast on Double Your Way which I highly recommend listening to:

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therichmind said...

Maria, I'm 3p off stage nine after finding 5p the other day when I went in the Mcdonalds again for a cup of coffee. But I think I've got stage 9 covered already. It will be on the blog when I do it. Main thing is to concentrate and plan one step at a time. If you have a question or need any help leave a message there. We can be sure others have the same temporary challenges.

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