Ten Secrets to My Success

I allowed myself a little rest and relaxation this past weekend with a sprinkle of deep thought and meditation….plus a little blog reading…One blog I frequent is Starbucker’s Ramblings From a Glass Half Full and one post in particular really had me in deep thought tonight –The Ten Secrets to Our Success. We’re asked to pick the top ten from his list (or add our own) that are the most important factors in our lives. Although I think everything on the list is equally important, I finally narrowed down my top ten - in no particular order...

Balance Between Work and Personal Life -Believe me, all work and no play makes me pretty cranky! It's important to get out and enjoy time with friends and family

Good friend and family support structure - For me, I like to know that my friends and family support me in my decisions and are there to help me out when I need it

Perserverance - We're going to have many rough patches in our lives and it takes a strong person to overcome the challenges and keep charging along

Good Manners/Respect - I definitely believe in karma. When you are kind and respectful towards others, they will return the favor

Passion - One must have a passion for life to live it joyfully and in peace. People who have passion for what they do normally have much success and abundance in their life

Relentless Optimism - There is no such thing as negative in my life - just "blessings in disguise"

Good Moral Grounding - One definitely needs to learn the difference between right and wrong

Sense of Humor - Laughter is the best medicine!

Love - Without love there is no life...

Proper Diet & Exercise - The keys to a very long life ;) I've always been very active and have been involved with sports all throughout childhood. It's in my blood to exercise. I also believe that you are what you eat...and it shows...

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starbucker said...

Thanks for your list Maria! I've also found that this exercise has been helpful to me in getting to the core of who I am. I believe in karma too - it's odd, I just listened again to one of my favorite songs yesterday in a brand new way - it's called "You Get What You Give" by the New Radicals. That title says it all, doesn't it! All the best.

Maria Palma said...


It was definitely a good exercise for me as well. Thanks for stopping by ;)

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