Time For More Learning!

Just a quick update....

I've been quite busy with a couple writing projects and haven't been able to post here as often as I would like to! However, I would like to share with you one of the projects that I'm working on. It will be posted at the Talking Story with Say Leadership Coaching Blog on September 21. It will be a month of learning! Check out and learn from the other bloggers who are participating in this project:
Line Up For Learning!

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Rosa Say said...

Thank you Maria, for sharing The Good Life News on our forum with your readers! (Couldn't resist- the title of your blog is so appropriate: do you know that the Hawaiian translation of your blog would be Maika‘i Ola?)

To your readers: Please do click over and join us - we are already having tons of fun there. Yes, learning is FUN!

Thank you too Maria, for wearing our banner for the forum so proudly - I love it, and am humbled by the honor.

We look forward to your article on the 21st!

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