15 Ways to Organize Your Days From Studentl.inc

I truly believe that one needs to be a leader to get far in life. That's why I was happy to have found the studentl.inc blog. Tim Milburn, the writer behind the blog, has come up with a list of 15 Ways to Organize Your Days. I'm sure each of needs help in this area! Who doesn't want to be organized, right? Here is Tim's list (condensed):

1) Take care of the MUST DO's before the WANT TO's.
Organizing the space AROUND you will help you organize the thoughts INSIDE you.
3) Danger: Paper has a tendency to cause piles on your desk. 4) Why PILE when you can FILE! 5) The phone is a TOOL not a TOY. 6) You got to have a system. 7) The flyleaf of your brain is unreliable. 8) Track your time for a day...for a week. 9) Make a DATE with your TO-DO. 10) Clean your drawers. 11) Focus on the one thing. 12) Listen to the voices. 13) Perfection is a PIPE dream. 14) Your best VIEW is your REVIEW. 15) Do something SIGNIFICANT!

#5 is one of my pet peeves. It bothers me somewhat when people are driving while talking on their cell phone...and on several occasions I've gotten close to being hit by someone who was talking on the phone! Thank God the Governor has passed a law to ban talking on a handheld cell phone.

As for the others on the list, I have been fairly good at doing these things. Sometimes I will slip, but overall I stay pretty organized. I just had a flashback of when I was a young girl and the way my brother would threaten me was to say, "I'm going to mess up your room!" He knew how much I liked my room to be very organized ;)

So, what are you doing to stay organized?


therichmind said...
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therichmind said...

I was also in a car the other day while the driver took a call. I asked them why it was switched on when they were driving.

The boxed and ready answer came back....'Just in case of an emergency.'(Cellphone companies must love that). Not the driver's but the caller's.

I told them 999 (uk) was the emergency number.

Anyway, I don't own a cellphone, a television, a car, or read newspapers or junk magazines. Oh, and I gave my radio away the other week.

But it's interesting how many people nowdays can't live without the addiction of DIN.


Funny, when I go to a five star bar or restaurant, there is no DIN. The lower down the scale, the more DIN there is.

The message seems to be, if you want to be rich and successful, give the DIN a shove.

Anonymous said...

"Women Who Run With the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes is a great book for creative women.

Maria Palma said...


Good for you on keeping a simple lifestyle that is focused on what is important!

Yes, it's sad that many people are addicted to DIN. That's one of the main reasons why I started this blog - to keep reminding people of the "real" life.

Anonymous -
Thank you for the book suggestion...I will definitely check it out!

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